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Let us say it up front.

We stand fully behind everything you read here. Our projects, our responsibility. We are an enterprise that does things, rather than getting things done by others. Everything from development and planning to completion and sales, and even management, is handled in-house. And we would like to keep it that way. At the end of the day, we want to be satisfied with the houses we built. We want the people for whom we built them to feel at home. If we succeed in this, our work makes sense.

Our foundation stones:
experience, planning, craftsmanship.


AGROMEX was formed by Franz Rembold and Oliver Hirt as an agricultural trading company in 1989. Two years later, the company shifted its focus to the real estate sector. It marked the beginning of a passion that has lasted more than 30 years now. It is matched by a keen sense of quality and diligence when it comes to selecting, developing and implementing our projects. This includes conservationist high-end refurbishments of period buildings in Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt and Berlin, among other places. Today, the company focuses on new-build construction projects in the urban centres of Berlin.

In the midst of life.
We recognise the potential of spaces waiting to be properly developed.

On the ground at every construction site. At eye level with our projects.

Location is everything – and being close to things.

Our maxim is “quality over quantity.” Which is why we always take a long, hard look before we make up our mind. Precision efforts during the property concept design is the foundation for market-consistent attractive offers. We scrutinise macro- and micro-environments, tour the grounds, talk to local residents and traders. This is what brings our blueprints to life. It is the way organic, harmonious projects are put together. The way buildings are constructed that work for the people who inhabit them. New buildings that integrate into their setting. Places that belong.

We are one team.

We are all in this together. From the property development, to project supervision and sales drive, all the way to the administration, everything is handled in-house. So, we can always compare notes, and know exactly what is going on. What is the project progress? Are there any issues? Where do we need to make adjustments? We can rely on each other, while our clients and partners know they can count on us. We have worked with some of them for many years. We can promise something that is not always easy to keep in our line of work: delivery as promised and commitment to our corporate responsibility.

We keep our promises.

A conversation can evolve into a plan.

Binding and reliable.

The benefit of shouldering the overall responsibility is that we get to make all the decisions. Planning, building, contracting companies and tradesmen, selecting materials, fittings and fixtures. It is a good way to ensure that our buildings are executed in high quality, down to the last detail. We pay the partners we contract market-consistent rates, ensure fair working conditions and compliance with security and occupational safety rules. Our high standards are applied consistently and end-to-end. Even beyond the completion of our properties. You will find our sales team is composed of qualified partners, not sweet-talking salesmen. Our facility management, rather than cooking the books, will provide expertise, impeccable account management, and capital preservation for the property you bought. You can rely on us.

Making a difference.

We sponsor a number of charity projects that are close to us. One is the society S.O.S. Leipzig which makes final requests by seriously ill people come true, another is the Telefonseelsorge Berlin crisis line. In the borough of Treptow-Köpenick, we support the Bürgerstiftung society that seeks to promote civic action in the local community. We see our commitments as a supplementary contribution to help shape the living environment we share.

What Else?
Construction etc.



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